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Decisions, decisions...

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I feel like I'm all over the place with my gear.

I am currently riding Burton Citizens on a Burton Feather with Ride Sages. This will be my third season and I am looking to up my game. I am planning on sticking with my Sages and buying a Roxy T-bird, but I'm stuck on what bindings to get.

I've looked at Burton, Ride, Union, and Forum. The reasons are Burton- already used to the brand, Ride- matches the brand of my boot, Union- heard they're reliable, Forum- also heard they're reliable and dependable.

Any help would be appreciated- women and men!

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Citizens are the bottom of the barrel, anything else will seem like an upgrade!

Forum went under this past year, so warranty/parts may be an issue in a year or so....Matching the binding brand to the boot brand is unneccisary in my opinion, 99% of boots will fit 99% of the bindings with some small easy adjustments.

The Roxy T-Bird looks to be a pretty soft board and has an extruded (TNT) base....why that board? What type of riding?

If you already got it cool, grab a set of bindings that somewhat mirrors the flex of your board (a 4/10 stiffness board paired with a 9/10 stiffness binding isnt the best choice). Union, Burton and Ride are all solid binding companies!

Just keep in mind things like: adjustability, canting, and cushioning. All are things that will make your binding more comfortable!
Check out | The World of Snowboarding Through Fembot Eyes for some good female perspective reviews, there is also Binding ReviewsThe Good Ride the reviews arent great (sometimes its clear the binding wasnt tested on snow) but to quickly compare flexes/details it is a good resource.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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