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Defective Rome board?

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Take a look at the pictures, attached - RE: 2011-2012 Rome Mod Rocker 156. The damage is on base, close to the heel side and tail of the board. I've never seen this type of damage before. I've gotten core shots in the past but nothing like this. It looks like the plastic "sheet" that covers the base of the board is...well...delaminating. I cannot ride it at all, the "bubble" that popped drags and catches the snow.

I do ride park, including rails, with this board but still..I feel like this type of thing should not happen with a snowboard. You can kind of see that there are more "bubbles" forming on other parts of the board as well.

Is my deck screwed or can I get this fixed? I bought it in August, so I'm pretty sure its still under Rome warranty.



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Whats with the pen and paper in the way lol. Looks like a possible delam between the base material and the graphic layer
Pen's so its easier to see how much damage there is, especially if I'm taking a picture close up. Thought it might help. :dunno:

There'no paper. the white sheet you're seeing is part of the large white lettering (spelling ROME) across the base.

I've opened a ticket with Rome. Was curious if this is something that they would replace. Again, I feel like this type of damage should not happen to a board being ridden normally (e.g. I do not do any urban or otherwise non-conventional terrain that could do this kind of damage).
You hit a rock, it peeled up, then water got in there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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