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Do I need a new board for pow?

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I have been snowboarding for 3 seasons.
Age: 23
Height and Weight: 6'4", 240LBs (working on losing weight, hopefully down to 230 by snowboarding season).
Boot Size: 11
Budget: Lower the better but will invest money if it will make experience better.
Type of riding: Love Speed (gone over 50 mph down east at MT High) and currently working on jumps.

I have only snowboarded at MT High and Bear Mountain in CA. That is what I am used to. I am planning on making some trips this season to bigger better mountains in north Cal, Colorado, Oregon...

My current setup in a 163W Morrow Fury board with Large Lamar Bindings. Most sizing charts would say I need a longer board. Maybe a 169W. The thing is that riding those places, MT High/Bear, actually made me think of getting a shorter board. Easier to turn, take jumps and lighter.

The question is whether a shorter board, 156-159, would be too short even for those mountains and is my Morrow too short for heading up to the bigger mountains considering my size.

Should I get a shorter board for use on park and use my Morrow for when I head up to pow mountains?
--OR-- :dunno:
Should I stick with my currently board for hard packed groomed mountains and get a longer board for pow?
--OR-- :dunno:
Do I need two new board, shorter for MT High/Bear and longer one for the other mountains?

Any advice helps, thanx!!! :D
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Bear in mind that even the best places for fresh snow don't get it all the time, unless you live in heaven powder isn't the typical day.

If you are mostly only expecting to get to decent powder on trips your powder board should be a secondary board, maybe upgrading your regular stuff makes more sense.
That - most people do not need a pow board, but that does not stop us from wanting one :laugh:
However, there are exceptions - I spend 2-3 months/year in Hokkaido and that calls for pow sticks. Sometimes I go for 2 weeks without riding a 'regular' deck...
Now we're jealous....
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