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Do I need a new board for pow?

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I have been snowboarding for 3 seasons.
Age: 23
Height and Weight: 6'4", 240LBs (working on losing weight, hopefully down to 230 by snowboarding season).
Boot Size: 11
Budget: Lower the better but will invest money if it will make experience better.
Type of riding: Love Speed (gone over 50 mph down east at MT High) and currently working on jumps.

I have only snowboarded at MT High and Bear Mountain in CA. That is what I am used to. I am planning on making some trips this season to bigger better mountains in north Cal, Colorado, Oregon...

My current setup in a 163W Morrow Fury board with Large Lamar Bindings. Most sizing charts would say I need a longer board. Maybe a 169W. The thing is that riding those places, MT High/Bear, actually made me think of getting a shorter board. Easier to turn, take jumps and lighter.

The question is whether a shorter board, 156-159, would be too short even for those mountains and is my Morrow too short for heading up to the bigger mountains considering my size.

Should I get a shorter board for use on park and use my Morrow for when I head up to pow mountains?
--OR-- :dunno:
Should I stick with my currently board for hard packed groomed mountains and get a longer board for pow?
--OR-- :dunno:
Do I need two new board, shorter for MT High/Bear and longer one for the other mountains?

Any advice helps, thanx!!! :D
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Thanx for all the responses. What I got so far is:

1. Don't really need a board for pow. I am not really looking to have a board for each type of snow, so it makes more sense to upgrade what I currently have.

2. Size wise I could go a little smaller or a little bigger without much change. Since my main mountain is MTHigh/Bear I will probably go a little smaller 156-160. For those bigger mountain pow days I think my 163 will allow me to float well or could still use the new board.

Since I think my current board will be able to handle the deep pow days I think I will probably go for a park board. This way I can get better on jumps and boxes (still too afraid to hit rails :unsure:).

I am hoping to spend, if i can find a good one, around $250 for a board from last year.

What do you guys think of Lib Tech Skate Banana 2013 159W? Seems like it would be a good park board.

For bindings I found Ride Revolt bindings for $100.

Any thoughts?
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