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Ten-ish different boards, always buying and selling
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I have a Knapton Twin. I had it custom built with a 30 cm waist. For context I'm 5'8" 165 lb with a size 10 boot. I got it because I wanted a board I could eurocarve in a duck stance without booting out. I really like it. It's playful compared to some other carving boards that I've been on (also have an SG Soul). It is a true twin so switch carving is totally doable, which goes without saying if you've seen Ryan's videos lol.

The 30 cm waist took some getting use to. I was already used to waists in the 27-28 cm range, so the extra 2 cm was not terrible. I think that you will love the 28 cm waist with your size 9's. My recommendation is to spend half a day on easy runs just so you can get some moderate speed and see what it feels like to get it on edge. It will feel pretty unresponsive to subtle ankle movements - you really have to use your full body to lean out over the edge. But once you figure it out, it is an absolute blast. That board has become my go-to for days when my inner park rat wants to do some butters.

For bindings, I have really enjoyed Nidecker Carbons on this board. They are probably 8/10 in terms of stiffness but still have enough flex to feel playful if you ride aggressively. I wouldn't want to go much stiffer - I think it helps to bring out the freestyle character of the board. I think Ryan rides Cartel X's, which sound ideal for this board. Something stiff and responsive but not too stiff.

Shameless self-promotion of me carving on this board:
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