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Posted in the boards section, but I figured I should post this in the review section.

When I bought this board, I wasn't really expecting much. It was on sale, I had heard good things on these forums, and I needed something to carry me over while my main ride was being warrantied. To my surprise, I have totally fallen in love with the Live.

Camber dominant RCR with a med-stiff flex and deep side cuts. To me, it feels like it has all the edge hold and power of a cambered board, but is less catchy and floats way better in powder. The Live is very stable, but get's playful if you shift you weight out near the rockered parts. It strikes a really nice balance between stability and agility. It feels powerful and confidence inspiring but is probably best suited to a fairly aggressive and competent rider.

The sidecut, flex and profile are completely dialed in. If you have spent time on cambered boards, you will feel like you have been riding this thing for years as soon you get on it.

Great edge hold, a deep side cut and that camber spring out of turns. Go dig some corduroy trenches mate!

I've been quite impressed with the float for a directional twin with a centered stance. On really uneven terrain you have to work harder to keep the nose afloat than on a rockered board, but in general the float is quite satisfactory and it likes to charge.

The board feels powerful and confident, but it's not particularly damp. You feel the chunder.

With the flex and the camber dominant profile, this board is extremely confident and predictable off jumps. This is one of the best jumping boards I have ridden. It feel magical riding away from hits. I don't really hit rails and jibs much, but this is probably a board for those who are jump rather than jib focused.

High Points:
- Love the side cut, flex and camber profile
- This board feels natural to ride pretty much everywhere
- Feels awesome railing carves or slashing pow
- It's a great jumper

Low Points:
- Wish the topsheet was less slippery
- I wouldn't mind if the board was more damp
- Feels very robust, but it's not the lightest board

Final Thoughts:
I absolutely love this board. If you are looking for a fairly aggressive all terrain directional twin it would be hard to find a better board.

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Yes third day on my new 2016 Endeavor Wu-tang 159 (got it for around $180 US) here in New Zealand
And for the price I'm also highly impressed ..have been riding mostly high end Burtons for the last 16yrs 300+ days of boarding locally and in canada ,,,,

the Burton channel was the seller for me as I've always loved Burton bindings .. going be interesting how it lasts but at this stage it's handling a few hard hits minor rock hits with strength...

IMHO it really feels light a lighter Burton Process of the same size (but half the price)

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Yeah, awesome board. Love the Live.

It's not really a 'cheap' brand or board. It's only cheaper in the US because it's a Canadian brand so the exchange rate helps out a bit; especially when buying older models. They do have a few tech levels so some models are cheaper than others.
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