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Family Vacation?

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Hi everyone,
I am looking to take a group of family and friends (8 people total) on a snowboarding trip this winter. I would like some advice on places to go, ways to save money, etc...

So far, we are considering somewhere near SLC, Sun Peaks BC, or Squaw Valley/Alpine. Our group is made mostly of intermediate riders/skiers and avoiding crowds is a priority. We live in the Seattle area and would be open to driving in order to save some money.

Thanks for any help
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SLC is decent as there are a ton of options. However, you have to know where to go.

Brighton, Not as big as bird, fewer crowds, but skiis-out quickly.
Snowbird: Crowded lifts but all sorts of stashes if you go off the beaten path.
Solitude: Similar to Brighton but doesn't ski-out quite as quickly.
PCMR/Canyons. Very big, but doesn't get quite the snowfall average as the above. PCMR can have crowds, but they are spread-out. Canyons=Fewer crowds.

Snowbasin-Great mountain, off the beaten path, lots of varied terrain. Lower elevation and different location, so again, lower snow averages.

Powder Mountain- Many love this place, but lifts are slow and everything funnels into the same spot. Locals/low-key place. Most of the claimed "skiable terrain" is not lift-accessed.

You could also consider Wolf Creek in Colorado/Flying into Durango or Colorado Springs.

If you're going to Tahoe, check-out Kirkwood. Squawllywood will have crowds.
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If you're going to Tahoe, check-out Kirkwood. Squawllywood will have crowds.
There are never crowds at Kirkwood, and there is terrain for every skill level, from crazy death-wishers to noobs. It's huge. Nice facilities, but it's remote. Either stay on-site, or get a cheap place in South Lake Tahoe where you'll have access to a variety of restaurants, casinos, and even Heavenly if you want to mix things up and get a view of the lake (but keep in mind, Heavenly is VERY touristy, and usually crowded).
Rent a house for a week around Glacier and ride Bakes m-f, stop at Costco, bring lunch fixins to the hill and eat it in the lodge or the lot. Really not going to get much cheaper and only 2 tanks of gas.
Don't go to southern CO, there's no snow and it's expensive. :giggle:

DMR has 5 day tix for $335.
...or take the train here, it'd be a different family adventure, lots of seattlites and portlandians come on the train. wait til Feb for the surest conditions, midweek theres nobody...check the mtn website for train/lodging/lift deals

but yeah, Baker is right there...that's where i would go
I agree with everyone else on Baker. It is not resorty, but it is a Premier Mountain Destination for big-snow lovers!!
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