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I got this setup in February of 2009. 2009/2008 154 Burton Custom 3D(non ICS) with medium Red Union Force

Its my first expensive board so be assured that i took very good care of it. Although there are sure to be some scratches and dings after 20-25 days out on the snow. I kept it well maintained with waxes and had it tune by shops at the beginning, during and end of season. I even had the board UV waxed couple times (expensive as fuck but hey it was my baby at the time =p)I never took it in park except tried on a small fun box once. Traveled and stored in a padded bag after wiping it down at the end of the day.
*On the base towards the tip, there is a tiny ding but i had it FIXED by a professional board shop and they assured me its no big deal that will affect the board's performances. Its more of a cosmetic flaw.*

The forces are slightly newer then the board since i got it in May of 2009. Also have dings on it but the straps and rachets are all in perfect shape. Come with warranty card and all.

If you are really interested i will take close up pictures of the board, the tiny ding on the base tip, the bindings condition and w/e u wanna see.
but please...only if u r interested. I dont really wanna give up my board but i might have to due to certain circumstances.

Lemme know what are u willing to pay for the setup.
MalloryDot live
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