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First 2 attempts at the "bigger" park jump at my local resort. (1 video, 3 pics)

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First 2 attempts at the "bigger" park jump at my local resort. (1 video, 3 pics)

Landed both with a simple grab. I was pretty happy. I just started snowboarding in January, so I'm still a beginner...but finally felt real comfortable with the small jumps, so decided to give this guy a go.

Not sure how big it is, small I'm sure compared to what a lot of you guys jump, but it's the biggest we have at our tiny little resort. :yahoo:

Of course, any constructive criticism is appreciated. Something I'm doing wrong or could improve on...I'm still learning big time.

Ok, I think I got this... far so good...

...I'm flying through the air, this is not me Tom Cruise...
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congrats! those look like the jumps they used to build at one of my local hills. wish they still shaped 'em like that.
My guess was about 15 feet. Website says the jump I hit is 25 & 30 ft (2 separate lips...I hit the smaller one). I feel like I would have been in the air longer. And probably would have crapped my pants. :laugh:
I'm with linvillegorge on this one. That's in the <15 foot range. Still a good size starter jump. But it ain't a 25-30 footer ;)
That's about what I figured. Probably 3 board lengths to clear. Not sure how they measure, but I agree that it isn't 25 feet. ;)
Probably they measure with the same yardstick they use to measure base depth -- which is also usually not as much as they report :D
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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