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Hello everyone!
I need the opinion of those who are more experienced in the snowboarding field in order to purchase the best possible board/binding/boots I can get for the price offered. I have been looking around and a site a stumbled across was
They seem to be more legit than some other sites I came across but are they trustworthy?
Also, this will be my first snowboard set that I will be purchasing. I snowboard occasionally, a couple times when winter rolls around, but nothing too extreme. I am planning to buy my own gears and stuff because I'll be going on a snowboarding trip soon but renting these gears for a week will cost around the $250's and after a talk with my parents, they decided to invest a little more so I can buy my own and can save money on future runs.
I found 3 packages on the site previously mentioned and wanted to know if they're worth it?

On Sale Rossignol Gala Amptek Snowboard w/ K2 Plush Boots & Rossignol Gala Bindings - Womens 2013 snowboard-package-0049

On Sale Rossignol Tesla Snowboard w/ Ride Donna Boots & Rossignol Tesla Bindings - Womens 2013 snowboard-package-0052

On Sale Burton Charm Snowboard w/ Tryst Boots & Citzen Bindings - Womens 2013 snowboard-package-0006

These are three that I chose. Please let me know of your opinions!

Some more questions I have are:
1. Is buying packages worth it or should I just try to buy them separately?
2. What are some good top 5 brands to consider when buying these equipment?
3. As a first time buyer, how much should I spend on my first set of board/bindings/boots?
4. What are some other good online sites/stores to consider when looking for snowboarding equipment?

Please and thank you for helping me out with your opinions!
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