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First Day on a Rome Shank

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Finally got to ride a Rome Shank I've been dying to try. It arrived yesterday and immediately got taken up to Bear Mountain which received about a foot the day before. Soft groomers and powder on the side.

Not meant to be an in-depth review because my skill level is blech. Nobody wants to be me. I don't want to be me. But it might help those at similar skill levels. :laugh: I hesitate to even post it here but where else would it go.

I'm 145 and rode a 145. Yes you downsize this. This thing is: FUN. Wow. So small it felt like a lunch tray. But I'm not that tall at 5'6" so nobody was looking at me funny.

It's light, easy to whip around, had noticeable pop off small jumps (you guys make it rain with the 40+ feet jumps, I make it drizzle with 5-10 feet jumps).

I've lost all my ollie power since I injured my knee in Thailand (don't ask) and can't kick my legs up anymore. I can still pop on jumps though. Felt more poppy than the westmark.

I had my best day on jumps to the point I kept upping and upping the size of jumps I'd try and approach it faster than before.

It felt fine on carves on groomers but I did get tossed around badly on large soft push mounds when going down bear's double black (which is more like a regular black or hard blue) if trying to dynamic turn or skid. Tired of getting beat up I just pointed it straight down (hey they were really soft mounds) and just flew down and kept my legs loose and made it out of that mess quickly. I think the physics caught up with it. On varied terrain without the bigger mounts it was fun if a bit challenging.

Flex - Again I have no power left in my legs for this season so I found it a little stiffer than Rome describes it. Almost like a 145 Never Summer SL. Stiffer than an Evo in my opinion, but again it could be due to my injury. I was a bit scared after seeing how soft the Rome Boneless was (looked like it was made out of Balsa wood) and Rome describing this as slightly stiffer but it's definitely stiffer.

All in all a very fun board. If you want a more experienced review check out BA's (which led me to want one) but if you're at my skill level, it's definitely a board to check out and just have fun with. I really didn't feel restricted in any way due to it's short size, and for some reason, I felt really good on jumps compared to regular sized boards (like the Coda, westmark and Evo).

Props to the forum by the way in all of the how to jump threads, especially Snowolf. I've read it 100 times but never really focused on trying it. This time I did make a conscious decision to do everything listed (no late speed checks, level the feet and board, crouch, extend up the jump and pop off the top). Shit did the trick man. No more belly flops off a jump yesterday. Almost ate it a few times and I noticed, my front shoulder would open up due to some sort of panic (last minute wobble or something). Once I paid attention, and corrected, it was smooth sailing.
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Thanks! I was hoping that would get a laugh :laugh:

But it's not what you think. We had to run about 3 miles to catch dinner with my parents, and nobody had cell phones. Traffic is a bitch in Bangkok so we set off on foot. Wasn't expecting to be on foot so I was wearing loose vans. I somehow injured my Illiotibial band badly on the way back. Couldn't even walk down a flight of stairs that night.

It went away but ANY vigorous activity sets it off now. My compensating it led to my knee cap clicking. My first knee problems ever. I'm getting old.

If I set my bindings too close it sets it off as well. I'm not tall but find I need a wider stance Larry Craig style.

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I own a Rome Shank and i completely agree with you. It is alot stiffer than Rome makes it out to be, not quite never summer sl though (i have ridden that board aswell) I mainly use it as just a backyard throw around board since the stiffer flexcombined with the butterout zones is meant to make it feel more like a skateboard. It does carve like a skateboard though. Good reveiw!
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