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first post, usual question! plz help

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Hi guys, first time poster here.

Have 2 weeks of snowboarding under my belt, started a year ago, able to link turns, sometime quite tightly, starting to practice ollies and switch, not yet completely able to ride with opposite stance (I am goofy), entered park few times for some easy jump and box, spent sometime off piste, which I adore. Not scared of anything (almost!), i would define my level between postbeginner and intermediate, if possible. I am looking for a board which -being reliable and durable- would allow me to improve fast, carve precisely, be stable while fast on the flat and wherever, link fast and tight turns, enjoy a lot of powder and off piste, enjoy some trick on the flat, and enter the park from time to time.
Have always rented my gear, both the board and boots were salomon, 157 the board. I am 1,81m (5'11'') and between 69-73 kg. Foot is 43/9,5 or 10 but the boot was 45! I dont think the board was wide.

Now I am thinking of buying my stuff, as I will also be able to snowboard more often. I read a lot about the Burton Custom, so I was thinking to get a 158, not wide: I am not interested in doing park so often, but I am looking for an all mountain board.
Then someone told me that the Custom is too much for my level, and started reading a bit more.
(Even though I am willing to buy a reliable board to keep for as many years as possible, I'd prefer to struggle a bit more at the beginning rather than changing the board after a year). Also, I understood there are other brands charging less than Burton for the same quality.

Given my level and my preferences, I understood I do not need a reverse Camber or a particular rocker, right?

I read reviews and checked websites during the last couple of days, and instead of shortlisting I am even more confused!

The burton board finder suggests: Joystick, Easy Livin, o Custom V Rocker. Also, using the board finder on Ride website, it suggested a 161 board. Isnt' too long for me (1,81/70kg)?

So the boards I am considering are the following:
  • Nitro Team 159 (I was pulling the trigger on this, then I read Burton Avenger review of the Nitro Team Art Attack and changed my mind)
  • K2 Podium 159
  • Burton Custom 158 (I'd also buy the EST Burton binding, which I understood cannot use with other boards...) or the Custom V rocker 159
  • Ride Machete (and the Concept, even though I dont think I understood the differences between the UL and TMS)
  • k2 darkstar,
  • Rossignol Onemag or Agnus.

My questions for you (considering that where I live I do not have chance to test boards):
1- is 158 ok for me? should I get wide?
2- which board do you think I should get? is the Custom too much? how these boards listed above differ from each other? if they were all the same price, which one should I get?
3- what about the Custom V rocker?
4- how does a forgiving board differs from a board more suited to experts? what means for a board being "soft" vs "aggressive"? The burton website shows level from 1 to 10, and the Custom is 5, so I thought it was ok. While the K2 site doesn't offer such a ranking. How is the K2 for this criteria?

Again, I got the feeling that K2 and Ride are a bit better brands, but wonder if this is true or just my prejudice.
An alternative could be to get a second hand last season Custom, or 2 seasons ago, no ICS.

Thanks really really a lot in advance
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1. i think anyhting around 155 to 158 should be good for you. idk about wide because i dont know european sizes
2. the custom is a solid board but i would look at some neversummer boards (evo-r or sl-r) or lib tech boards (TRS or T.Rice)
3. most rocker boards are geared more towards park and powder, dont know about the custom v-rocker
4. forgiving boards are better for beginners because they are easier to carve with and control.
At the end I narrowed down to
nitro team, nitro team gullwing, k2 turbodream, rossignol angus, ride machete
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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