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Hello everybody

I'm about to buy my first new board, bindings and boots, and I've looked around various places for some different prices/options.

About me
Im 22 years, so I think its safe to assume I wont have to worry about potential bigger size in the future,
I'm 6 feet 2 (188 cm) and weigh about 158 lbs (72 kg)
I use boot size around 10 8/4 (44 EU)
Forgive me, but im not very familiar with the US measuring system. Here in Denmark we use metric :)

My snowboarding experiences
I've been a cross contry skiier since i was born. Introduced to Alpine skiing as a teenager. I tried snowboarding for the first time for 1 day when I was around 19.
In winter 09/10 I went to a japanese ski resort (AppiKogen) and stayed there for 3½ months working at a small pension and snowboarding in my spare time.
Usually could get away with 4 hours of boarding each day on a 2nd hand Godzilla snowboard (157cm) with bindings that would fall apart after a bit of carving (had to bring a screw driver with me to the slopes)
I enjoy powder/offpiste, normal slopes and the park. Can't jump very well yet, and I really enjoy fooling around on not-so-steep slopes doing ground tricks.
I concider myself of intermediate level.

Enough about that

These are the boards I've been looking at. It would be greatly appreciated if you could share your opinions about the boards (based on my info) with me :) Or of course if you have some other suggestions.

1st board
Flow Merc 160W
Blue Tomato Shop | Flow Merc 160wide 10/11 white Snowboard | Flow | Freestyle+Freeride |*Snowboards

I'm also in doubt if I should really get a wide board. On my 2nd hand board I had a little toe drag at times. It seems people suggest that if you are above 10½ US size in boot, you could go for a wide. What is your opinion on this?

2nd board
Burton Bullet 160W
Blue Tomato Shop | Burton Bullet 160 10/11 wide Snowboard | Burton | Freestyle+Freeride |*Snowboards

Can Burton boards only use Burton bindings? If that's so, im reluctlant towards getting a burton board.

3rd board
Salomon MAGNUM 158 or 162 (wideboard)
Blue Tomato Shop | Salomon Ace Magnum 158 10/11 Snowboard | Salomon | Freestyle+Freeride |*Snowboards

4th board
Flow Infinite I-Rock 159 or 162
Blue Tomato Shop | Flow Infinite I-Rock 159 10/11 Snowboard | Flow | Freestyle+Freeride |*Snowboards

Also I'd like to link to some bindings, but I'm sure I'm allowed to do that in the board section?

Anyways, if you would share your opinion with me, I'd become very happy :)

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Hi! I wish I could help you more, but I am a beginner myself and as you are intermedidate you probably have a better idea of what you want (e.g., flex). As for the wide board, I am considering one myself. I wear a 12 boot, which is a 46 I believe - and I have not had any problems with toe drag on a standard board. I am considering a wide board for stability (as I am new and 46 years old, having never skied or boarded before; born in Miami, FL).

From what I understand you should not have a problem with toe drag with your size boot; perhaps your bindings were a bit off; your boot too far forward? I have also read where a wide board can be slower to turn and get on edge, but then again we are only talking a few millimeters -- and at my level I doubt I will tell the difference; at your level it might make a bigger difference.

I have a friend in Herning (tattoo artist) that I hope to visit next year. Your country looks beautiful -- can't wait!

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