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Hey guys,

I'm looking to buy a Gnu Forest Bailey 2013 Space Case as a jibbing board that i can take to japan and hit some pow with (i have a 158 directional pow board as well I can use if the powder is too deep), and was just wondering on what size to go for.

My feet are size 11, i'm 6'1 and I'm 180lbs so I wasn't sure if the 156 might be too small for me as ive heard its a pretty narrow board, but i don't know if the 159 will be too big for the park which is the main reason im purchasing it...

If anyone has ridden one before/ knows a bit about them I'd really appreciate some clarification on which one to buy!!

Thanks again

*just to note i hit a lot of jumps if that makes a difference to the sizing... ive only purchased one board before for a season in canada so I'm a little bit clueless

**also any suggestions on other suitable boards would be great, just something that could stand up in japan pow/ still be buttery and be able to hit the park
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