Here's an example of what I'm looking for: Ride Metal Micro Snowboard Bindings Discs, Black + Bolts (

They measure approximately:
Large outer ring (top): 3.15 inches
Small inner ring (bottom): 2.8 inches
Slots (length): 1.8 inches
Burton knockouts: 1.7 inches (closest inner measurement)
Thickness: .3 inches

Just one will do, but 2 would be better (good to have a backup). I think these were in use in 2007 but I can't remember when I bought the Ride LTDs, may be 2003ish but definitely before 2010. I believe they were used on multiple Ride models. Bindings are in great shape and were my back-ups so they didn't get a ton of use. Hate to buy new bindings because I lost a disc. I can negotiate on the price if needed.

I saw new Rome mini discs seem to be the same outer diameter, but I don't have the Rome measurements. If someone could measure and post I may try to find a pair to see if they will interface on the Rides.

Any help would be awesome. Staring at one disc just makes my heart hurt.