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FS: 2011 Arbor Draft 155

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For Sale: used 2011 Arbor Draft 155 deck. A nice, soft jib board that actually holds an good edge! The Grip-Tech definitely works. My all mountain board is a Never Summer SL 161 and I got the Draft for goofing around on in the park and/or on smaller hills. This board is super easy to press, butter, and spin with, but to my complete surprise, I was able to ride this Draft on the whole mountain without it washing out. I'm only selling this 'cause I just got an end of the season deal on a Westmark 156. I don't need the Draft any more since they are very, very similar. I decided to go with the Westmark, because I'm not riding rails anymore (too old and too many injuries...boooo!), so I wanted a park board that was a tad stiffer and had steel edges instead of bronze.

As for condition: I tried my best to show any imperfections in the included pics. The top sheet and tips look great; no chipping, gouges, or deep scratches. The base is in great shape as well. There are a couple scratches on the heelside (regular). The forth pic's scratch is black across the white letter because it was repaired. The edges are really good overall as well, but there are a couple spots on the heelside edge that took a shot from hitting a rock(s) that was hiding under some powder. But having ridden the board before and after hitting the rock they make absolutely no difference regarding how well this board holds an edge. The Grip-Tech is amazing and you could ride this deck detuned without fear of constantly washing out. $175 obo.

I'm new to the forum, but I have a 100% positive rating on ebay. My member name is tostyj.
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