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FS: Jones Mothership 152 - $400

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FS: 2013 Jones Mothership 152 - $400

For sale:

What: Jones Mothership 2013
Size: 152cm
Condition: 100% brand new
MSRP: $530
Selling Price: $400

* Payment through Amazon Payments
* Buyer pays for shipping

The story: Girlfriend got this as a gift from her parents who don't know anything about snowboards... as a beginner this isn't really right for her. Now just trying to get rid of it so we can get something else.

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if she could learn to ride that thing, then she could ride anything. its not necessairly a bad board to learn on...steep learning curve...but she'd have some skillz. My daughter learned on a big high end stiffy and now she has some great skills. its just a matter of her determination.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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