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After Lots of research I'm ready to buy my board
I'm aiming at the Arbor Draft 2013 with Burton Freestyle bindings
Should I reconsider the board or bindings?

A friend told me I'll be having a way better time with Burton costume bindings
So I'm not sure...

I mostly gonna do a lot of both ways riding and buttering
That's why I'm aimin for a rocker board any advice about boards and binding is welcome :) thanks in advance!!

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:blink: What are costume bindings?!? lol

Anyway, yeah I wouldn't buy the cheapest bindings Burton makes. The Custom or any binding OTHER than the freestyle has a proper toe cap instead of a little old toe strap.

Also, you don't need rocker to ride switch and jib. If you're set on your board choice, go for it, but being brand new you might want to look into a flat board instead. It's the middle ground of everything so would likely be good to learn on.

Alternatively, buy a used board and use it for a season or two. By the end of your first full season you'll likely have a much better idea of what type of riding you love.

Just my $0.02 of course! :D
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