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Girl search a short board for jibbing

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Woman seeking short board for jibbing

Hi everyone, I was searching a board for jibbing and I can't decide yet. I have a problem with women's boards cause generally has too narrower waist width for me and I'm a size 7.5US men.
The board I was looking at has a waist width of 23.3 and I think that it's not enough for my boot size and +15 - 15 angulation. What do you think about that? Please, I wanna know!

I want a super flexible board, preferably flat cambered and obviously short and lightweight.

My height: 5' 5"
My weight:125.7lbs

I guess the right board size it be around 142-145.

My short list until now:

Capita Horrorscope FK
Rome Artifact Rocker
Salomon Salomonder
Bataleon Disaster

For groomers I have a Burton Feelgood Flying V 147 and for park and buttering a Lib Tech Skate Banana 148. I want something shorter!


PS: sorry for my english
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Any reason you are looking at men's boards? For example Capita makes the Space Metal Fantasy which is the womens equivalent to the Horrorscope. And will be a bit softer which will help you out.
I already said the reason... Cause womens boards has a narrow waist width.
Rossignol District 146cm

waist width 24.6

Suuuper flexy board, camrock, only 20% cambered and it's between the feet.

I rode the 2012 board last season in a 155 and liked it, but not as much as I like camber so ended up with the 2010 model in 156mw which is full camber and even softer.

Only $165 at the-house for the 2012 On Sale Rossignol District Amptek Snowboard 146 - Boys up to 40% off
Thanks a lot, that seems nice! But I want something a little bit shorter. The chart says it's a 5 flex and I looking for 2 or 3.

What can you guys tell me about my list of boards? Any advice?
Trust me, it's not a 5, it's more like a 3 in relation to other boards. And it's 1cm longer than your specified lengths, you won't notice the difference.

What do you want to know about the other boards? They'll all do the trick, the only real difference is Bataleon still has camber so will be an all round more versatile board away from jibs, but also less forgiving.

The Bataleon would be my choice out of those because I like a cambered board even on jibs, but for a rockered profile I'd get the artifact.

The Salomon Solomander is stiffer than the Rossignol district.
Thanks again!

I can test a Bataleon Fun Kink just for have an idea, maybe it'll be similar to the Disaster. The problem is that I can't find it in the size I want it anywhere.

I will delete Salomon Salomonder of my list.

I found a 2012 144 Rome Artifact Rocker for $187, very attractive price.

What about the Capita?
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