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GNU Carbon Credit 165W help

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I am thinking of buying a Gnu CC but i don’t know if its wide enough for a 14 size boot +15°/-15° stance I read that some boots have footprint reduction but i can´t find any good ones I really don’t want to buy the everything and then have toe and heel drag I don’t know even if I need to cuz I could find any store that had the CC i would have to order the board online but I don’t want do be disappointed then and have to send it back. Could anyone maybe that has a 165w cc measure the part where the boots are positioned how wide that part is. Also could anyone suggest any bindings for the gnu cc if it would fit

Sorry for my English

THX for the help
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Also meso ho'nee.

I have a CC in 162w and wear a size 13. It's very easily wide enough.

All Burton boots as well as plenty of other brands had the low profile "shrinkage tech". I wear the Burton Ambush boot and like them a lor. I ride Burton Malavitas at +13/-13 and they raise your foot a bit higher up off the board than most bindings it seems. Not that hard to find. There's a good combo for ya right there...
I ride a 162w with size 13 Nike ZF1 and have no problems.

+12/-12 with gas pedal fully extended on my Union Force bindings. No toe or heel drag whatsoever.

You should have no problems at all and depending on your height/weight could even ride a 162w.
im 6.7 230 pounds so your saying that i can order the board and wont have any problems i found a good deal online but it would be expensive to return it so i would have to keep it :) could you 2 plz measure your boots and the part of the board where the bindings are positioned

165w in that board has a 26.7 waist. I wear a size 15 without footprint reduction and am on a 166w with a 26.9 waist and shallower angles than you and have no problems. For what it's worth I also rode a 164 with 26.2 waist with the same boots and angles with no problems. My toe/heel overhang was about 1.25 inches or so on each side.

In my opinion I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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