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GNU Forest Bailey Space Case vs Lib Tech TRS

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Yeah, i'm really stuck between these two boards. First off, I'm 175cm tall and 65 kg. Have been riding for 4 years and consider myself intermediate/advanced. I spend about 20-30 days a year boarding.

Due to the conditions in Scotland i mostly ride piste, but if the powder is there I'll definitely go off-piste. Sometimes later in the season the resort can produce a great park (am a fan of getting big air and I am starting to get into jibbing) that I sometimes spend day session messing about on. So overall I kind of am looking for a All mountain/freestyle board.

I'm kind of set on getting a mervin board due to the magne traction (somedays it getting really icy!) and I am quite a fan of rocker boards.

I've come to the conclusion of these two boards but can't really demo boards as I live in Scotland so I am just going off reviews. Both of the boards are roughly the same price.

Any reviews of the two boards would be appreciated. I am leaning towards the Space Case due to the sintered base (trs has extruded), but I am skeptical of the asymmetrical tech on the Space Case. Also there are very few reviews of the Space Case online.

Any thoughts/views. Cheers
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I am facing the same decision as you. Because of the c2 shape of the TRS, I heard it makes it more of a freeride/all-mountain board. The ec2 shape of the Space Case is supposed to be more for freestyle/all-mountain. If you are serious about getting into jibs, I would suggest the Space Case. On the other hand, the TRS would be more stable when riding on groomers, but it has an extruded "TNT" base which is not as fast as the Space Case's sintered base. has an in-depth review of both of the boards. They are both supposed to be good in the pow because of the rocker between the feet, but I would think that the Space Case's shape would provide better float. The Space case has .5 magne-traction which will be less grabby in softer snow, but also won't be very good on ice. Both boards are supposed to be very poppy and great for jumps. Are you planning on a TRS or a TRS hp? The hp is lighter, more lively, and also more flexible, but it's not as damp as the regular TRS. It all comes down to your riding style, aggressive-TRS, or more playful-Space Case... I hope this helped.
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I own the spacecase and can help you out a little with a quickie review. I spent roughly 90-95 days riding my spacecase at Mammoth last season. We had a very low snow fall last season but I did get to ride it in all conditions and even rode it in knee deep powder.

Board size: 156cm
Rider weight: 180-190lbs depending on how many doughnuts I ate that morning
Boot size: 9.5 Nike DK's
Binding Forum: Shakas
Riding style: All Mountain/Jib kid

Park: Amazing. This thing is a jib machine, it's one of the most flexible boards I've ridden and has great pop. the camber on the outsides of the bindings give it a great platform when setting up for jumps and it helps popping onto higher features.

Powder: Decent. I didn't have a powder board to ride so this was my powder board. It floated well even when I had the stance centered and was super fun to powder butter and spin off drops and cliffs.

On Piste: Great. The board had pretty good bite and carved really well. Straight lining on this board was a little scary when you got up to stupid fast speed (bombing a steep double black is not recommended). This board was a great daily driver.

Things you need to realize and think about before buying this board are what kind of riding you want to do and if you want an asymmetrical sidecut. The rider in mind for this board is a jib kid/park rat who spins, jumps, butters, and presses on as many features (whether man-made or natural) as he can. Also the Asym sidecut radius is a little tricky to get used too. Be prepared to spend most of the day on your butt. You'll instinctively put more weight into your heel turns than you need and end up over steering and landing ob your ass. Once you get used to it prepare for amazing 10 foot high powder sprays.

I only have 2 cons for this board.

One thing that I couldn't stand about this board was the fact that every friend wanted to try my board because of how weird the shape is, people can't get over the nose and tail shapes.
and the other con was that the top sheet cracked on the tail and I had to cut a 2 inch long piece of topsheet off the board. This was around day 85 and before it happen I was tail slapping every rail, stump, and gaper I could all season long.

Hope this helps! Both boards are awesome but I know that feel of getting the board hunt down to two boards. I had it down to the Spacecase and the Danny Kass' pro model I went with the Spacecase just because the DK was a midwide board
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The GNU Riders Choice might b a good choice for the type of board you are looking for..
Funny thing was, I ended up going for a NS proto hd :)
Funny thing was, I ended up going for a NS proto hd :)
Good choice!! I got one also.
Just to answer this since I've had both true twins, the XC2 will give you better edgehold/response while the EC2 will be more forgiving. The asym sidecuts are noticeable and a nice feature, but the Spacecase is softer and more of a park or freestyle board whereas you can charge harder on the TRS. I think the Rider's Choice is a better comparison to the TRS, and benefits from a sintered base instead of the TNT extruded one on the TRS.
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