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Going to Utah from MKE... anyone interested?

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This is mostly for people from Wisconsin because it'd be easiest to work, but if people from elsewhere want to go, I certainly wouldn't complain.

My wife and I are planning our (snowboarding) vacations this year and thought it'd be cool to see if others want to go, too... more fun ride with others, and should save money. First trip this year, we're looking to hit Utah in December (Brighton, Snowbird, Solitude?) for about 4 nights (3 full days on the hill, 2 travel days that might include hill time depending on flight times).

Just to get a couple things out there:
- They average about 500" of snow a year, last year they had 700" (Granite Peak, in Wausau, averages about 75")
- Cost is probably going to be around $1000 (a grand) per person for everything, including airfare (and the dang bag fees), hotel, car, and lift tickets

If you're interested, say something here so it can be discussed, maybe hit me up with a pm, too, so I can keep things a little more straight. My wife will try to get good rates for us, and it should work out that the more of us that go, the less the cost per person would be (group rates on flights and hotel rooms or whatever).

If you've never been there, Utah powder is really something else. I've been to Colorado a few times and thought it was good, then last year I went to Utah. Notice -- now I'm going back to Utah, not Colorado...
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I'd love to join you guys, definitely can't commit to it for sure yet though... Just had a little advice, most of which you probably already know. Most of (if not all) of the major resorts in Utah have a deal where if you have a plane ticket from that day you ski/ride for free, so might be worth booking an early flight and getting a couple of free hrs in somewhere on arrival day. Also, southwest is usually pretty competitive price-wise and you get 1 checked bag per passenger for free, which you can use for skis/snowboards, etc. Good choices on the resorts, much better than dodging people and standing in line all day at park city! Good luck with the trip planning,

Good point on the same-day lift-ticket. I'm pretty sure the places we're looking at all give you a ticket the day you get in for free, I would need to verify that though.

Right now, I think tickets from MKE to SLC are under $300. The final price will be somewhat higher because of bag and other fees, as you mentioned, but depending on when they are bought, the cost should be less (perhaps significantly) than with SouthWest.

Again, like you said, we chose those resorts because they're still sweet, with great snow, good trails, etc., but won't be extremely hectic and overpopulated.

Kind of an aside/FYI, but so people know how this works: my wife and I go on trips fairly frequent (for a multitude of things, not just boarding), and when my wife starts looking, she doesn't stop until she has found the best possible deal(s) going to the best possible place(s). So, as far as cost goes, I can nearly guarantee that you won't find better prices than what she finds, as she does it frequently and has gotten quite good at it (the only caveat is if you know people who can get better prices on an airline, i.e. they work for one, or know someone who works at a resort so can get discounted tickets, etc., they'll of course get a lower price than she would, but assuming all things are equal, whatever cost she comes up with will almost certainly be the lowest you'd find).
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Man I so wish I could go with you guys !!!!!

Best I can do is lets get our butts to GP this year and if my situation changes you will be getting a very excited phone call from me :thumbsup:
If you havnt been to solitude and you get a chance during a pow day it is a ton of fun. Having said that if the snow is old solitude is pretty dull.
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