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Good Current Sales

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Figured we should start a good compendium.

Endeavor has quite a few boards on sale on their site for sub 300.

Base Mountain Sports. Party Wave for 300.

Base Mountain Sports. Reflex Cartels for 200. They have mediums.

Boardworks Tech Shop. Jones Flagship 158 for like 390 pre shipping. They also have some solid deals on bindings and splits.

Anyone else got good dealz. I'm kinda low key looking for a split haha.
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I owned a pair of pants at one point that had cutouts in the inner liner for the front boa dial. It would be great if pants manufacturers would start putting those in again, and maybe front and side as well.
Now I have to watch it ?

Keep in mind fellas and ladies that all shops will be struggling right now so please support local if they have what you want in stock. Dont order something to save yourself $50. Local support for warranty and advice is priceless and it will be a sad day when you no longer have a local shop to browse through.
TBH, I always buy local if possible. The price difference isn't big, the risk is much lower, and there's the instant-gratification thing where you walk out with your purchase. WTF was that ad series? Off-line shopping!

Sigh. I have promised myself I'm not going to buy anything until I've demoed it. But it's so. hard. to. resist.
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Never summers carbonium topsheet was pretty damn good at that, lots of grip too so you didnt need a stomp grip, now if only they made camber boards...
Yeah, I was a NS fanboy for years, until I 'rediscovered' camber. I still like my NS boards, but they're backup boards now.
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Taking off the extra pounds will make a difference in endurance, even if you don't particularly exercise. Think of it as riding all day with or without a 20-30 lb backpack on your back. There's no way it can't sap your energy. Plus you'll be more flexible without the extra padding, which means fighting your own movement less.
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