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Good Current Sales

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Figured we should start a good compendium.

Endeavor has quite a few boards on sale on their site for sub 300.

Base Mountain Sports. Party Wave for 300.

Base Mountain Sports. Reflex Cartels for 200. They have mediums.

Boardworks Tech Shop. Jones Flagship 158 for like 390 pre shipping. They also have some solid deals on bindings and splits.

Anyone else got good dealz. I'm kinda low key looking for a split haha.
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1 - 3 of 584 Posts has 30% off on everything sale. Including their snowboards, boots and clothing.
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Anyone know any Canadian retailers that sell and ship South of the border?

Usd is strong right now.
I was also looking hard at getting a Ravine. Only thing that's been stopping me is that I already have a 155cm Alter Ego and a 156 Endeavor Maverick. I'm thinking getting a 155 Ravine would be too much of an overlap.

I might still end up getting the 152 Ravine. I would think it would be signaficantly softer than the other two boards and be a much different ride.
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