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Good Current Sales

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Figured we should start a good compendium.

Endeavor has quite a few boards on sale on their site for sub 300.

Base Mountain Sports. Party Wave for 300.

Base Mountain Sports. Reflex Cartels for 200. They have mediums.

Boardworks Tech Shop. Jones Flagship 158 for like 390 pre shipping. They also have some solid deals on bindings and splits.

Anyone else got good dealz. I'm kinda low key looking for a split haha.
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When gear goes on sale, I've learned to stock up on an extra pair of boots that fit your feet and needs for comfortability. Boots are so crucial for the enjoyment of snowboarding!

The DC T Rice are the best-fitting boots I've ever had and it (only) took me 9 seasons to figure that out. Well worth it, especially if it's on sale.

I got a backup pair (half off!) from last season's model and good thing I did, because I packed out my first pair and started getting heel lift. The 1st pair was bought previous season and worn until midway this winter 2019-20.
I actually just ordered a second pair of Ride Triads on the cheap yesterday. Due to this corona virus I'm fully stocked up for next season....two new pairs of boots, new board, new bindings, new riding headphones and bunch of new outerwear. Pretty sure I'll end up with some more stuff since I'm guessing prices are going to plummet on the stuff thats left in physical shops.
I would 100% buy from some of those canadian retailers but the price is kind of meh after shipping.

I still think that anything by amplid would likely be the most unique.
Have you seen any shops with good deals going on Amplid boards? I'm considering a grabbing a Dada but the only place that seems to have it is the Amplid $560 usd.
Bataleon evil twin vs The jam ?

Want a park/jibber
The Global Warmer is what you're after if you're set on Bataleon.
For any UK/Europeans, Sport Pursuit are selling Volcom snow gear for mad discounts.

Eg. the Guide 3L Gore Tex Shell (RRP 550) for 200. Many of their GTX gear is more than 50% off. I paid £400 for it in January or something.

SportPursuit is a flash sale website that you need to sign up to with your email (nothing else) in order to view items.

Most sizes seemed in stock last night when I first looked at it. But stuff goes quickly.

Just a heads up for anyone thinking of buying Volcom gear from this season, the quality is excellent bu itt is tailored for very tall slim figures. I ordered the Guide pants, Guide jacket, and a Resin jacket. The jackets are extremely narrow in the chest and shoulders and the pants were much longer than any other brand I've ever worn.
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