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Good protective helmet with audio

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I do a lot of park riding and am looking for a helmet with very good protection as well as audio. Safety is my number one concern here, and I am willing to live without built in audio for it (although I'd really prefer it). I'd like for the helmet to be able to withstand light-medium hits consistently. (one of my biggest worries is falling backwards on a rail and hitting the back of my head).

I've been riding with a smith venue helmet for a few seasons now and honestly don't feel to confident wearing it in the event I get into an accident. It seems very thin, unforgiving and has close to no cushioning (it leaves a lot to be desired). I came across this thread which runs into a similar problem I am having, which is telling exactly how much protection different helmets have. I'd really like hear some first hand experiences of good helmets.

In the thread mentioned above someone mentioned the POC receptor found here. It looks like a nice helmet but has very mixed reviews on Amazon and is apparently made in China instead of Sweden. Some of K2's helmets like the rant and phase look decent as well.
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