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This kit takes two GoPro HD sports cameras (not included) and turns them into a single high-definition 3-D camera that is still waterproof and rugged, using a sync cable and an extra large housing that is waterproof to 180 feet. Videos from each camera need to be loaded separately onto a PC. And the included software does the important job of pairing them, combining the files into single movies, adjusting the convergence points so you don’t go cross-eyed watching your videos and adjusting between various kinds of 3-D (side by side, red/blue, etc) for playback and export to services and software like YouTube or iMovie.

Wired Like:
GoPro’s decision to use their already popular HD cameras as the basis of a 3-D rig is great news for people who already own them, making the price of going 3-D less expensive than buying a whole new camera and mounts. Even without a 3-D TV or monitor, the kit comes with a set of red/blue glasses which work just fine. Files are compatible with iMovie and it’s pretty easy to upload these files to YouTube, which supports 3-D. The video looks really good. The cameras are able to focus on legible 3-D as close as 3 feet away.

Wired Dislike:
By the very nature of the kit’s multiple cameras, and the budding state of home 3-D film editing, it’s not the easiest gadget to work with. You have to charge, import files and turn on the separate cameras on their own. It’s heavy at 12.4 ounces, and a little unwieldily to use as a handheld or body-mounted camera. My videos were consistently shaky, but water isn’t the best medium for holding a camera steady, anyhow. (Motorsports might be the best way to appreciate this camera, or by mounting the cameras upside down so it steadies itself and the flipping the video in post-production.) The software is solid, but the workflow is a little bit harder to use than, say, iMovie. And you’d better have a quick computer if you want to wrangle twin HD videos at once.

How it works:

Gizmodo Review:

Source: Hands-On With the GoPro 3-D Sports Camera Kit | Playbook
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