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GoPro 3 HD Black Edition | 240fps timewarp

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GoPro HD | Fallout Boarding - a timewarp drop (240fps) - YouTube

done with about 30seconds of footage :laugh:
hope u like it!
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Shit man, you have some serious editing and filming power. Don't let it go to waste.
Thats awesome! What do you use to edit with?
thank you guys! :D

I used sony vegas 11 and no twixtor..

slowmotion scense: 20% speed
super slowmotion scenes: 3% speed
That's awesome. Pretty good quality from Vegas. What were the project properties and render settings?
for project properties I used the file resolution, when I render I used "windows media video 11 6 Mbps (702-30p video)"
Thats awesome.... I finally get to play around with my GoPro3 Next week.

Any suggestions on settings for overcast/cloudy vs sunny?
What about protune?

720 vs 1080?
what gives you the best battery life?

I'm going from a HeroHD to the Black edition.... HUGE difference
with protune ON, you need to edit videos post recordings, because they're not compressed and not processed (colors, levels, brightness...)

the bigger is a file the lower is battery file: you'll find out soon that hero3 black edition needs a spare battery :D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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