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Hi, I haven't posted in this section b4, but I am having an issue with my GoPro footage and the video quality after editing on my Mac's. I am importing or drag 'n' drop into iMovie on my iMac & iMove HD on my Airbook. The video looks good until I export it. Even using the HQ settings, the final output seems blurrier & pixelated compared to the raw footage. All the fine detail & resolution is gone.

The Raw footage looks good opened & played with QuickTime, but using QT, the exported file does not have the same quality.

Should I be opening the GoPro file in some other software and converting the file format before importing it into iMovie? (I thought I saw some sort of software for that on the GoPro web site. Do You use that first?)

I'm not sure why my video does not have the same resolution and quality as the other stuff I'm seeing posted?

iMac is 3-4 year old dual core intel, 2.5 gb RAM and running leopard & Snow leopard. My Airbook is New, /w Lion OS.

Any help appreciated!
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