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161cm. 6.8 radius 27cm waist.
hybird camber = camber past inserts, flat midsection , rocker in nose and tail , sintered base smail nub tail, big fat nose.
this deck is PRIMARILY a softer flatter angled pow deck and as long as theres a bit of fresh about its a very playfull all mountain , all rounder, its a very fun deck BUT on low tide dry ice days.............. its a shocker.

I wanted to a review on this bec its not a bad board over all and theres pretty much zero dialogue on it ,
ive been on this for 3 season now i ride it a bit when the piste is good and soft and am thoroughly enjoying its versatility , ths is fun as long as theres some fresh about , its a strange deck for me, im usally on stiffer tortionally rigid camber decks and this is almost the opposite, its quick, the base is exceptional especially for the price , it turns quick for a biger frame on piste, its extremely carve able and is semi nimble for a larger powder deck , it its soft in the nose tho and u get chatter from the big shovel on piste but when its deeper BUT NOT STEEPER u get a nice floating feel from it , its EXTREMELY good for pilfering side hits and pow pockets and tree runs Its not a deck for charging, its too soft and at any kind of hair blowing speed i get a bit lumpy in throat and buckly knees............... no, its not a charger, its a fun turning deck for resort riding and mucking about on

Ive just got off it after a few days along with a cpl of camber deks on really nice cold conds on piste /side country and it was a lot of fun ( as long as theres no ice) the base is good, like really quite good , it takes off very quickly , the edging is sharp and fast to initiate going strait and it holds a line very well.......... as long as the snows soft................. on rutted terrain u get bucked about a bit but u dont get those micro bullet pins fired in the ankles , its semi damp, sliding down a comapacted icey run at any angle is NOT FUN ON THIS, the edges dont hold well and that nose just seems to get in the way, more than a cpl of times ive had to raise the arms at the bottom in thanks, but put a bit of soft on those runs and its a great ride.

On a resort powder day, this is really good for riders that like a bit of theatrics , u can throw it around like a rag doll and its stable and fun , its a relaxing ride where u dont feel like u have to think about every nuance on piste, i listend to the HEAD site into to this and i disagree with it totally. they make it out as a deeper/steeper pow slayer, its not, deeper sure, steeper most assuredly NOT, its too soft and flappy.

For the price, ( before the world exploded in inflation ) this dek was a REALLY good buy, i didnt quite know what i was goign to ride in on so i got the longer one but ive had it out in most conds and the above is where its really shines, u can size down one size, i got he 161 and really , i think i cud ride the 153 but prob the 156 is what id like this for , im not going to take this out on THOSE days but for the most part on average gelende riding this does the job very very well .

After a lenghty time on it now, i think tis a quiver deck best bought second hand , if u can grab one at a decent price and u like to pilfer ,slash , carve the groomers and sides then this is a really good option to consider, its super fun its realxing and it loves semi deep powder , if u ride ice tho,


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