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Hi! A lot of great advice here alreday but let me chip in with my experience. I’m an E width (just barely) and was struggling to find the right boots. The widest point of my feet is in exact same spot as yours.
I recommend trying either Vans or Rome Libertine like @phosfiend wrote above.
Vans boots with their neoprene liners (v3 liner is best) fits wider feet nicely because neoprene stretches in the toe box. I ended up in Libertines because Vans caused me other issues.
If you can try as many different boots as possible. Took me 13 boots to find the right ones (hopefully).

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Hi all,

Firstly, I've read through all of @Wiredsport's post regarding measurement and I measure up to:
263 Mondo (8.5 US Men) and I've gone ahead and measure my width too.

Left Foot: 10CM
Right Foot: 10.3CM

I currently ride a 8.5 Burton Photon and the length of it is great, no toe issue and heel hold is pretty decent however after 0.5 - an hour of riding, there's pain in the area highlighted below. After a 3 hour session, I can barely walk in the boot getting back to my car/hotel as that specific part is just pain, and its more of a bruised pain.

I already have the boot heat molded and also have custom insoles for my extremely flat feet, most of my running shoe exhibit wear and tear that shows that I usually over pronate due to my flat feet, hence the area that is highlighted above usually "pushes out" against my boot/shoe.

I've been to the local stores and when they measure they claim that I don't really have a wide feet and don't need a wide boot yet going of the chart itself seems like I'm bordering on E? I'm pretty much out of ideas and was wondering if getting a wider boot might solve the issue or make it less painful.

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unless its from your binding strap... allot of boots are very narrow for sure. I used to make a small slit/cut in the liner to relieve an area by your joint/bone. works for the great toe too.

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OP, have you thought about seeing a podiatrist to rule out any structural issues with your feet?
A guy with an advanced degree in feet can probably tell you a best plan of approach.
Tailor’s Bunions occur on the pinky toes.
Your photo shows what possibly could be “bunionettes”.
someone else mentioned it as well in the thread.
go see the foot doctor.

in the meantime, Tylenol w/codeine before you ride may help with the pain.
It worked wonders for my broken toe pain while riding last month.

getting old sucks.
the term recreational drugs used to mean something totally different in my youth.
now it means painkillers that allow me to enjoy recreational activities.
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