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help me choose a size and model: venture odin vs storm

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hello guys,
first off, thanks KillClimbz for giving me info on the venture co. completely legit company with a strong sustainable background. for me, it's between the odin and the storm. the storm is a little more pow specific, and the odin is more freeride/steep specific. i want pow, but i have no influence over whether it snows or not. i.e., i want the storm, but i know i will use the odin properly more often. with that said, what would you recommend? its a direct split for me. they are both fantastic boards.

height: 5' - 7.5"
weight: 135 - 140 lbs
terrain: steeps and pow, thats all son
level: advanced but not expert


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i would go with the odin. (im kinda biased because i have already ordered the odin :p) Either way, both are great boards :D
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