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Hello everyone.

I'm new to snowboarding to be exact did 2 half days with rental equipment. First time was not so great as they gave a board that too stiff and i kept falling down a lot although i told them i have told them i'm new. Second time i specifically asked for a soft board and it was great did not even fall down a single time after i figured out which leg is my lead leg.
So now i decided to get new boots, still thinking if i should get beginner boots or just go ahead and get something better. Bindings and board i decided to go with used for now until probably middle of next season. I plan i going every or every other week to ride until the mountain will close and same thing next season.

I'm around 6'2''-6'3" and around 215lbs so i know i need a board 160+, my boot size is 13 so i need a wide board with large bindings.

I looked on CL locally and found several boards.

1) 161cm Ride Cue with barton mission bindings.

161 cm Ride Cue snowboard w/ Burton Mission bindings

2) Palmer 160 cm with Volkl bindings

Palmer Snowboard for sale with bindings

3) Camp Seven Reinier 164X with valdez bindings. I assume bindings are made by Camp 7 as well.

164cm Snowboard with Bindings

I would appreciate if you guys can help me decide ASAP and suggest which one of these boards is a better one for someone like me. I need this board to basically practice how to turn better and basically just ride down the mountain the most fun way.
For now i'm NOT planning on any jumps or any other crazy stuff. Just basically free-riding and making cool turns with dramatic effect of snow flying everywhere !

I would like to pick the board up this week so i can go ride this Sunday !
Please list your choice as 1,2,3 out of these 3 boards.

Thanks everyone !
Out of those 3, I think the only one you could ride would be the Camp 164X. If the "X" means wide, that is.

If the other 2 are normal width, they might be too narrow?

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