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Sort of a new guy here hehe. Actually I had an account on the forums years and years ago but forgot all about it, plus was in a place I couldn't exactly board.

Anyways, I live in Chicago, normally go boarding either up in WI at Cascade Mountain or a local place called Raging Buffalo. Have been riding for about 10 years but then again there was a few years in the middle there where I couldn't (long story). I'd classify my self as intermediate I suppose. Unfortunately over the last 10 years IF I was even able to go, it would be maybe 2-5 times a year. So haven't had the opportunity to really learn much.

Also unfortunately none of my friends board so I either go by my self or occasionally drag my girlfriend with, one of the many reasons for signing back up on the ol' snowboard forums. Hoping to possibly meet some people out on the slopes. Would be nice to go with people I don't have to teach the entire time hehe.

I could go on but I figure that's a good enough start. I figure if people want to know more I'm more than happy to share.
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