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Hood Meadows vs. Skibowl

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Hey everyone! I've come back from the dead on this site, and have just recently moved to Vancouver, WA for a job. Of course, the first thing I looked up when I moved here was a place to get a season pass...

Since I don't really ride park Timberland is off my list, so my options are between Skibowl and Meadows. I need honest opinions on what's the better mountain for terrain - I like steep shit, drops, trees and lots of powder.

I've heard mixed things about both -Skibowl is lower elevation and gets a lot of rain, and Meadows can be super overcrowded. The one thing I do like about Skibowl is they're on the Powder Alliance deal, so I could ride at my home mountain during Christmas (Schweitzer) for free.

Also, how bad do the roads get? I've ventured many treacherous adventures in my RW-D Volvo with snow tires, but is 4WD pretty much a requirement?

Would love to hear how much you love/hate Meadows/Skibowl!
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Shit, I forgot to check back on this thread. Saturday at Meadows was f'ing awesome. Every tree run was as good as the previous with plenty of 1.5ft deep sections. This is what the car looked like at the end of the day with a good 3-4" on top down at HRM.

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