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how bad does a scratch have to be to need ptex?

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so went out today conditions sucked as always here on the east, few rocks here and there. came home with a couple new scratches. im not a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff, i know you have ptex a scratch that reaches the core and all that and leave minor ones alone but theres like 2 scratches that seem to be pretty deep but not quite to the core maybe a lil bit more then half way. so how deep does the scratch/gouge have to be b4 it needs to be ptex'd. guess it wouldnt hurt to just do it but im just trying to be lazy.

sorry no pics i tried to take a couple but the lighting is bad and i only got my iphone.
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you kinda said it urself. But i would only ptex it when its a core shot.
If it's not a core shot, regular hot wax should be enough to fill it in. Maybe a little scar but you'll be fine
whats it gonna hurt to drip some ptex in and scrape?it would only take a couple minutes.i would.
this one had to be p-texed, as a reference.

4th day out :(
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