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Rode my very own Never Summer Premier F1 today. Oh I like it. Tonight I've thinking about how I want to tweak the set up and thought I'd query the knowledge base here.

It's a 163 and I'm about [email protected]'11" sz 10 boot. Today I rode Rocky Mtn hardpack with 30/15 angles, bindings mounted one hole up from last set. Until we get some snow (come on snow!!!!!!) I think I might the move the bindings forward a notch or two and dork with the angles to see what this board likes. Anyone opinionated on where the sweet spot is on these boards for carve-oriented speed riding?

I'm thinking about the edges, too. I detuned just a bit on the shovel. Is there anything different about edge bevels with an R/C board? With the smooth ride I'd guess it has a 1/1 bevel. Anyone know or have an opinion on bevel with R/C?

Thanks everyone.
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