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How many boards in your quiver?

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I am wondering how many of you have a "quiver" of snowboards, rather than just one board.
Different brands, different profiles (camber, rocker, hybrid, etc.), different purposes (powder, carving, freestyle, park/jib), different flex/stiffness, different shape (true twin, directional twin, directional, tapered...).

So how many boards do you own?
Why do you have more than one?:dunno:
Which one(s) for which purpose?:dunno:

And if anyone knows, how do I set this up as a survey on the main page?

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One Hovercraft for powder, a Yes pick your line for everyday, and a K2 Fatbob for old times sake. Going to be getting a longer gnu Billy Goat next year for speed.
For this season I just had a Rome reverb rocker but as I only carve and ride powder I'm going to be getting a never summer raptor or yes pick your line for next season.
3 decks in the quiver

Why 3? I ride on the ice coast, therefore:

1 Rossi One Magtek to deal with the ice coast 9 days out of ten. My go to deck. RCR profile.

1 Lando Phoenix to ride on the softer days when the bite of the Rossi MT is too much. Mostly spring. CRC profile. Least fav of the three, bit of a heavy weight

1 Burton Barracuda for the ever elusive pow day. Burton S Rocker, camber between your feet, big rocker from front foot forward. Lots of fun in pow and soft conditions.
2 here. Both park boards
Rome artifact mostly for rails and messing around
Rome Graft more for jumps

I really don't need 2 boards at a time, but I wanna be that guy who collects boards and has 50 hanging on his living room wall when I'm older.
145 ride from 93' - back yard jib deck
154 k2 fastplant - park board
157 signal OG - cambered carving board
159 skate banana - fun mess around, little bit of pow stick
162 k2 gyrator - freestyle pow surfer
165 lib tech snow mullet - deep pow makes snowboarding easy board

167 salomon and 159 m3 diy split boards
99 skidoo summit 500 (not a board but part of the quiver, cost less than some boards)

185 k2 lite telemark
175 work stinx

i've rode them all this year, the skate banana gets the most days cause it does everything pretty well

looking to add a split no board to the quiver if grassroots would make me one

out of the five roommates we have around 40 decks in the house, and five pairs of skis but no one "skis"
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156W lobsterparkbaord -jib and rails
159W bataleon ET- when i don't know what in going to ride
167 bataleon undisputed- pow board
161W lib tech banana magic- ice and power tree days
161W bataleon jam- rock board

I use the evil twin and lobster the most followed by the lib.
157 HP Trice- short, playfull and fast
159 Attack Banana- playfull, loose and soft
159 Hot Knife- aggressive, carvy, stable and fast
161 HP Trice- powder, big mountain and carving
162 Smokin Superpark- powder, rocks, trees and anything else in the way
164 Hp Trice- deep powder, big everything and rarely ridden
180 Grocer- deeeeeep powder, massive slashes and top speeds

There's also a couple of samples and test boards laying around at any given time, but I only ride those on "work" days. Also not listing the boards in the collection I don't ride anymore.
As of the count this morning 47 2014 decks ranging in the XV from Rossi all the way down to the Arbor Formula. Then there's a grip of art decks in the hall about 4, a stack of occasional decks which is at last count like 12, there's the graveyard of boards under my bed which is about 9, and then there's the misc. decks in my corner that's 3 or 4, and the couch critter living with us has 4 decks in the hall closet.
NS Proto for everyday use
Capita Charlie Slasher for pow days
Venture Divide splitboard that's used for skinning around the neighborhood because I haven't had time to do shit on the backcountry side of things this season
'09 Nitro SubPop 152; for the streets? Yeah I dont ride it anymore... Actually I think the core is snapped between the feet.
'11 Signal Jake OE 150; rocks, streets.
'12 Signal Jake OE Flat 151 Bi/Tri; My smaller everyday deck
'12 Signal Rocker 152; First day, Last Day, sometimes pow
'12 Signal Park Flat 150 added carbon; Jib
'13 Forum Scallywag; Slush park, jib
'14 Flow Rush LTD 153; Pow, Freeride, bomber
'14 Signal Freedom Machine Jake camber 152; Anything, even pow
WANT '14 K2 Happy Hour 151; Pointy tips and everything

Perks of being able to make a board when you want one.
'07/'08 Lib Tech TRS 154 - ice or hardpack board
'09/'10 Bataleon Evil Twin 151 - soft snow, park, messing around.
Malolo, all mtn (90% powder)

FISH, POWDER :bowdown:
12/13 Yes Pick Your Line 161 -pow
11/12 Yes Big City 158 -everyday
10/11 Yes Handsign 154 -halfpipe
12/13 Rome Garage Rocker 154 -jibtastic
my home-made swallow tail from a cambered Option FreePlus 161.

Not to hijack, BUT....WM has T.Rice Pro 157 for 300. think it may be a good addition for icy days and freestyling around the mountain? Maybe turn my Big City into the rock board? Ive never had a magnetraction or CRC board...:dunno:
I'm down to just one, K2 Titan 163, best all-mountain, all purpose I've ever been on, just got rid of my burton canyon 181 downhillin' deathride because the K2 rendered it obsolete, just as fast
Ride Antic 163;(Flat with slight rocker on nose and tail) my do it all board(except park). It may become my powder board if the Focus replaces it for all mountain freestyle board.:dunno:

Status Focus 158(CRC); NEW! have not used it yet but it is for all mountain.
158 flow era, rock board
160w K2 darkstar, park/everyday deck
163W flow rush pow/steeps
164 t.rice split, kinda wish i got something a bit more directional but it was a smoking deal so split twin it is.
148 lobster jib board - mainly an abuse board, for street and stupid stuff
151 lobster park board - ride this one the most for sure, it's amazing
158 never summer sl - '07 cambered version for the hard snow/icy days and hauling ass

was thinking of adding another since boards are so cheap right now... thought 4 was overkill, but man some of you guys are making me feel ok about it hahahaha
158 Jones Flagship '13. Stiff hybrid camber. At the moment my only all mountain board. Perfect for pow days, aggressive carving and go as fast as you dare board.

Always had only one all mountain board but now getting to the point to want specialized ones. On shopping list: splitboard and a slightly softer/shorter groomer board for the not that aggressive days. I regret that I got rid of my old boards. It would be great to look at them from time to time to refresh memory. Hubby has a pile of all his former boards in the shed, beginning with a Kelly Air. In use now: NS Raptor 164. Wants to get a Flagship Carbon 164 and a split.

Edit: haha, since today, add the Ride Farah 153 as my groomer/play board :D Also hybrid camber, rather stiff (for a woman's board ;)) but well dampened.
160 Nitro Magnum '07 - ice, hard charging, quite wide...
157w Bataleon Goliath '12 - everything
157 Arbor Blacklist '12 - everything
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