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How small can I go?

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I'm 6'2 and an athletic 200 lbs. Saw this sweet deal: DC Biittner SE Snowboard from

Conventional wisdom tells me this board is too small, but how small can I really go? I currently have a 161.5 TRice and a 160 Jibsaw, both of which ride well for me.

Obviously it would be a park deck for me, but I dont want to make me wash out on landings or be too limited. Thanks for the help guys.
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6'3", 198lbs according to the scale yesterday, and a size 13 boot. I spent the beginning of the season on a 156 and it was fine. I wouldn't want to go much smaller though, unless of course I stop drinking beer and eating sweets so I can get back down to a svelte 180lbs. :laugh:
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