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As the title says "I break stuff". I'm an old guy & I travel with my wife & kids regularly to US for boarding trips. 3 times in the last 3 years & our winter season as well. Average about 21 days a year. I am a big unit , 188cm & 110 kg, you'll have to do the conversion. Just came back from Mammoth where I split my Gnu streets right binding from heel to toe on the last day when I blew a landing. The bindings hung together enough to get me home .
Can anyone recommend a replacement binding as Australian suppliers will not supply parts. I like a very firm binding for powder & carving at speed, I don't play in the parks , I'm too old for that & it embarrases the Girls when Dads around. Sucks to be old.
Constructive info would be appriciated, I'm not brand conscioius, I just want gear that doesnt self destruct.
Regards , Jasen
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