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I have XL bindings, do I need a wide board?

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Title says it all, do I need to get a wide board? I've just purchased some new XL bindings but haven't used them yet, would I need to get a wide board with these or not? Thanks!
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Size xl bindings with size 6 boots? Seriously, give us some info to work with....
Sorry, well I am 6'3 and will be buying a 155cm board. I know that is considered small but I'm upgrading from a 152 which I enjoy. I'm around 170 pounds if that means anything, and my boot size is 12.5-13
Ok, thanks man! Is it that much of a difference to go wide from normal?

This all depends on the board model that you are considering and the specific bindings. The terms Wide and XL in themselves have no industry standard and vary greatly in definition and measurement. What products are you considering? What stance angles and stance width do you ride?

Aloso if you have the time, please measure your foot using this method:

Kick your heel (barefoot please, no socks) back against a wall. Mark the floor exactly at the tip of your toe (the one that sticks out furthest - which toe this is will vary by rider). Measure from the mark on the floor to the wall. That is your foot length and is the only measurement that you will want to use. Measure in centimeters if possible, but if not, take inches and multiply by 2.54 (example: an 11.25 inch foot x 2.54 = 28.57 centimeters).

Need help

Recently i just bought a 155cm K2 playback 2014. My bindings are 2012 K2 indy's XL and i wear size 11 boots. The waist width for my board is 25.2cm. I was wondering if i will have toe or heel drag and should i get a wide board. Thx
Thanks for the tip wired sport. Been looking for a formula as such for a while.
If you have size 12.5 to 13 boots and are planning on riding pretty much any board under 160 FM you will want the wide version.
Thanks for the tip wired sport. Been looking for a formula as such for a while.
i hope you're being sarcastic... a formula to convert inches to centimeters. good joke haha.
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