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The thing with boot overhang is the same as with pretty much everything; it depends...😅 :rolleyes:

and in soft snow I occasionally booted out when the board sank in too much, that's why I generally looked for boards with a WW of at least 255mm.
So you just have to ask yourself how intense you want to ride / carve, if you just want to ride "casually" on groomers, even a size 11 would be fine on a 250 WW 99% of the time.

You also have to check if you are able to center your boot properly over the board - which can be difficult with L bindings and a smaller boot.

but I'm pretty sure it was simply because the bindings were bigger and therefore there was just more baseplatematerial
Yeah, I am getting great info from everyone. Starting to see that there is an overlap venn diagram space. And folks have different experience.

I usually ride mid-Atlantic (we exist). So no deep stuff and not much more than groom space unless you go to the northeast. I go out west once or twice a year. I've been thinking maybe, if it becomes a thing, I would invest in a more powder oriented board. Which would be wider anyways!

You're right. Funny think is on the 10 boots and L bindings, I tried to center the boot before sending those pics. The heelcup was in the outer 3rd position and look fine. Which surprise me, cause 10/10.5 should be the smallest for L bindings. However, I didn't really check too much into that.

Good point. I am moving up to more stiffer equipment. I will try all boot/binding combination with my board. Try to flex around my carpet and see how the board feels. Also, lean tow/heel to see about overhang.

41 - 42 of 42 Posts