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Wanted to see if there is any interest in this new device that we are in the middle of creating and have a few samples of that we will sell at a discount of $25 in exchange for real life testing and feedback.

It plugs inline to your current Iphone and headphones setup and controls the music volume, answers and makes calls, and forwards music and next song selection.

We also have a very nice option for headphones that slip into your helmets that are very nice sounding, affordable, and comfortable as well

I cannot get the picture to attach so please PM if interested and you would like a picture.

Remote Control Adapter for Apple's iPhone
• Standard 3.5mm audio socket connects favorite earphones
• Answer calls and handsfree talk
• Controls playing music (play, pause, forward, and back) on Apple's iPhone, iPad, and iPod
• Volume control buttons
• Built-in microphone with good sensitivity for recordings
• Shirt clip allows you to hold microphone close for good reception
• Cord length: 60cm
• Compatible with: • iphone 3Gs , iphone 4 , iphone 4s, iphone 5

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Is there anything in the device to boost the signal or is there simply a loss by adding a kink to the chain? I ask because my phone volume is already relatively low and a little boost would make this very attractive but the lack of one would make it useless to me.

Need to reset my audio for next season this summer.....
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