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A bit cheeky of me this, but if any of you like instrumental rock stuff, feel free to check out the new video by my band You Already Know (YAK). I play bass in the band, and our second album is out early next year on I Need Musik.

Our debut album was called Stop Whispering and was out on Mr Tramp Records and is available in all the usual places, iTunes etc.

I've always kinda felt aggressive instrumental stuff lends itself really well to snowboarding / skate videos, would love to get some of our stuff on some soundtracks. We had a song on a video game this year (APB was the game, though I've never played it.)

I won't write the name of the new single, it's got a rude word in it :D

This link is for the video, shot on a budget of about £10 by a very talented young guy.

Feedback most welcome

YouTube - You Already Know - Let's Fuck (Music Video)

And our website is at You Already Know
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