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is my board to big

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thanks for taking the time to read. Went boarding for the first time last week with a borrowed board (Ride kink 154). Did pretty freakin good is what i was told. well i loved it so went and got all the stuff. got my board (ride 163 old) at a pawn shop, went to the mountain today and sucked. the sides of the board kept catching no matter what i was doing, even hard to keep it straight. I am 5'11"/145 the calculator calls for a 157cm for my size. Will that size diff. (from a 154 to a 163) cause this.
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yeah dude, you're talking 4 inches difference in that board. Not to mention, the 163 might be a completely different style of board. It could be way firmer than the kink.

Next to riding style (freestyle vs. all mountain vs. pow etc.) the biggest factor in choosing a board is your weight...
To put the sizing in perspective, I ride a 161 wide and a 163 wide. And I outweigh you by SEVENTY pounds.
Ya know i didnt really think 4 in. would make a huge diff. but talkin to a couple guys and your reply, it seems it is a huge factor. Not to mention I have know idea what the board is built for (style). Well I'm just gonna have to go spend some money and get something just right for me. Thanks alot for the advice, that was fast. J
check out C3 Worldwide Online Shop - it's Capita/Coal/Union website.

they are blowing out their remaining stock of Capita snowboards. There are a few 155cm there for like $185

Coupon code "shay" will get you about $25 off, too.

hope that helps!
That is a huge difference. Good luck on the new board. :)
Well after shopin around around for ever i got a board under my budget which was 200.00. Its a ride impact 156. got it at sports authority for 179.00. It was stashed behind a stack of k-2's. has some great flex to it which I think will work perfect for me, killer graphics as well. it was a 08-09 model, cant wait to take it out and see the difference.
Oh yeah, bought a helmet also since a damn near killed myself slamming my head into some ice and seeing stars for about an hour. scared me shitless!
good deal man, there are a ton of 5-star reviews of that board at evogear, although I'm not familiar with it, sounds like others really like it.
yeah its way too long.
im 5´11 too and rideing a 153cm.
The shop calculator is not a good thing to rely on.
You can go after the standard messure.
im a parkrat though but i still can ride alot better fast with good stability and turns with my nitro keller 153 then with my 159 burton custom. soo maybe 155 would be the perfect length for you dunno know what kind of snowboarding you will learn but like 155 you can ride the mountain, bs aswell as the park.
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