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Issue with my heel edge

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Hi everyone, I am facing an issue with my heel edge. I have no problem with my toe edge turning with pencil line trail. However, whenever I turn to my heel edge, I feel I am unable to maintain pencil line turns across the mountain. I, in the end sliding my turn according to ‘1’ in the image:
Gesture Font Art Electric blue Darkness

However, whenever I do ‘2’, it feels very weird and I have to actively close/turn my left shoulder (I’m regular) towards the right. But this feeling make me feel weird and throws my balance and “squat” off balance

Any advice would be much appreciated please🙏🏻

thank you in advance!!!
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have had instructors as well as other people riding with me
Nice! I personally rarely have had this convenience. Have you tried asking them to film you? I think posting such a film here would go a long way in helping diagnose your issues.

EDIT: Looks like your most recent post w/video was about 8 months ago - [Need help] Beginner's S-Turns

Updated video would help a lot - it’s unclear to me how much progress you might have made since then. How many days of riding have you had since?
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