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Japan Stoke Thread 2023

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If you didn't know, all restrictions to enter Japan have now been lifted.

Who is going?
Where are you going?
Have you been before and where?
What board/bindings are you taking?

I can't believe I'm actually going, if you asked me 4 weeks ago we were holding off until 2024 but now myself and 3 other mates have already booked our flights and accommodation for the first week of Feb 2023.

This will be my 7th time to Japan, I've been to around 30 different ski resorts already in areas such as Hakuba, Myoko, Fukushima (Bandai), Yamagata (Zao Onsen) and several resorts up on Hokkaido.

This trip I have 2 first timers coming with me and the only way I could convince them was to keep the trip reasonably short and inexpensive. So we have 7 days on snow in Hakuba Valley and we will be getting 5 consecutive days of lift tickets for free with our Epic pass. We are staying right next to the gondola at the base of Tsugaike Kogan ski resort.

I am taking my Salomon Dancehaul 152 with Now Drive bindings and my Korua Dart 156 with Ride A-10 bindings. Both boards should be good in powder with the Dancehaul having a softer more freestyle focus and the Dart will be great for carving.

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hey gentlefolk, i must apologize for not having contributed to this thread this season- i've got some fucked-in-the-head issues that im still working through, but i am mindful of the local Aussie crew.

Season was ok - got a good run on all of my boards and bindings, so was able to formulate opinions - honestly, the reason I didnt post them was because the more important thing was just staying alive on the roads (fcking kook tourist drivers - bro, it's sick that you got a 600hp SUV but dont drive it around blind corners into trucks that are coming downhill maybe??)

either way folks, i appreciate you, and you have my apologies
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I'll be doing everything I can to go, was hoping to do a Niseko trip but might be a little pricy if we don't get the Singapore trips out of Darwin back online. Looking like I'll need to go through Cairns which the RTN trip from Darwin is more expensive than the RTN trip to Japan.

Probably somewhere around Nagano, Myoko, Hakuna or Nozawa.

Only been twice and only to Hakuba, much easier with two of the family that don't ski/board to cruise around and always stayed around Echoland. @JDA what's Myoko or Nazawa Onsen like compared to Hakuba? Is worth venturing up that way?

In terms of boards. I really want to get on my Party Platter as I'm still yet to ride it but just loved the Dada so really want to take that but feel the better combo is the Surfari and one of Dada/PP. PP with Ride LTD bindings and Surfari kith K2 Lien AT's if I can part with the Dada.

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Hey Aaron! Surfari w/ K2 Lien would work absolutely - if i can make a suggestion man, i dont feel like you should bring the PP147 to Japan - the board has its place, and for a sz10 boot it's the right width, but i just feel like its more of a fuckaround board - I personally feel that the Dada would serve you better in Japan.

the PP147 - at my weight, i couldnt even butter it properly. I took it up the hill in multiple conditions, but found that whilst the waist was perfect for the sidecute and flex, the nose and tail were justtoo.. short. Dada will serve you better in JP, in a 2x board quiever.

just my 2C
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Stop pls

upon reflection - i can tap out.

but... bah - i am throbbing on a couple of local japanese decks this seasoon - and this "float to the tourists" design - dont need that in my life, it's not a requ9irement nor any sort of pressure.

i have had a renewed relationship wiht japanese snowboarding - so, giving it another go.

my list is below.

--- November Artiste 158W (freestyle, 5x sidecut radii)
--- Yonex Thrust 161 (carving)
--- Fanatic T-Deck 157 (ground tricks)
--- Head Draw Lyt 162 (pow, carving)
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Aaron, is it gonna be THAT hectic??? Or are you just being the travel-planning boss that we know you are??
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