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Japan Stoke Thread 2023

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If you didn't know, all restrictions to enter Japan have now been lifted.

Who is going?
Where are you going?
Have you been before and where?
What board/bindings are you taking?

I can't believe I'm actually going, if you asked me 4 weeks ago we were holding off until 2024 but now myself and 3 other mates have already booked our flights and accommodation for the first week of Feb 2023.

This will be my 7th time to Japan, I've been to around 30 different ski resorts already in areas such as Hakuba, Myoko, Fukushima (Bandai), Yamagata (Zao Onsen) and several resorts up on Hokkaido.

This trip I have 2 first timers coming with me and the only way I could convince them was to keep the trip reasonably short and inexpensive. So we have 7 days on snow in Hakuba Valley and we will be getting 5 consecutive days of lift tickets for free with our Epic pass. We are staying right next to the gondola at the base of Tsugaike Kogan ski resort.

I am taking my Salomon Dancehaul 152 with Now Drive bindings and my Korua Dart 156 with Ride A-10 bindings. Both boards should be good in powder with the Dancehaul having a softer more freestyle focus and the Dart will be great for carving.

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I've learned more about my own capabilities and lack thereof these few days watching seasoned riders just charge lines bombing steeps that scared the shit out of me just traversing but I know where I'm capable and know what I enjoy....... unfortunately finding the conditions is the challenge.
I guess you could not go too steep either with that much snow avalanche wise, but yeah, it's crazy how fast you can go in powder. I had to follow super experienced guides pushing me to have my brain just admit it was possible to go that fast—I'm far from the maximum I colud do!

Nice report, was a bit jealous, but it was epic conditions indeed!
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