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Japan Stoke Thread 2023

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If you didn't know, all restrictions to enter Japan have now been lifted.

Who is going?
Where are you going?
Have you been before and where?
What board/bindings are you taking?

I can't believe I'm actually going, if you asked me 4 weeks ago we were holding off until 2024 but now myself and 3 other mates have already booked our flights and accommodation for the first week of Feb 2023.

This will be my 7th time to Japan, I've been to around 30 different ski resorts already in areas such as Hakuba, Myoko, Fukushima (Bandai), Yamagata (Zao Onsen) and several resorts up on Hokkaido.

This trip I have 2 first timers coming with me and the only way I could convince them was to keep the trip reasonably short and inexpensive. So we have 7 days on snow in Hakuba Valley and we will be getting 5 consecutive days of lift tickets for free with our Epic pass. We are staying right next to the gondola at the base of Tsugaike Kogan ski resort.

I am taking my Salomon Dancehaul 152 with Now Drive bindings and my Korua Dart 156 with Ride A-10 bindings. Both boards should be good in powder with the Dancehaul having a softer more freestyle focus and the Dart will be great for carving.

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70cm dump?!? Hopefully the chair lifts are operational! Stoked for you guys! maybe I’ll buy a last minute tix to Nagano lol

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how is hakuba looking like if anyone is there ?
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What's the best way for me to get to Akakura from Myoko Kogen? I can't seem to reach my accomm for a pickup
Shit… Bus or taxi then. it’s a bit odd for accommodation not being able to help out. It’s a bit out of character… wouldn’t book there again unless they have a good reason
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Another storm predicted for
You‘re really fogging up that window! You must be excited! Yuki ga arimasu ! Looks like the start of one hell of a trip. Can’t wait for more “japow porn“ photos. Keep us updated.
“Japowrn” ? 🤣
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No one around, too cold to do more than a few runs they are saying and it is bloody cold and I'm at the bottom.
Most of the accommodations are booked out.
Not many lifts running means still plenty of untouched powder out there. Tomorrow is fair game to all, early bird gets the worm, stoked!
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Nothing much tonight but….

Weather warning for this weekend. They predict from Saturday there will be a strong cold wind coming from the Japan Sea side but not as severe as it was this week. Probably around 5cm of snow per hour. :)
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Yeah sugi is good too

Man, Japanese either know special ninjutsu or they weigh next to nothing! followed locals going narrow off piste track. They’re walking calmly like Jesus on water , and I sink to my knees on each step and even to my hip level! same foot track, wth, and I’m only 80kg lol
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lost speed and got buried.
That’s the depth of today’s fresh snow and it’s still pouring. No, I’m not standing on the groomer, that’s on the other side.
It’s insane!
Snow Automotive tire Freezing Slope Recreation

it’ll be so good if I have a board as big as ship for today lol
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When the weather was poor last week I was thinking 2024 two board quiver , 158 mind expander and buying 153 Rome party mod.
now that we had so much powder dump today, I’m starting to think 158 mind expander and buy 160 storm chaser or gemtemstick bigfish (163)
Anyone tried big fish before ?

epic day today!
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My Burton Skipjack Surf 148 handled the deepest snow I've ever seen in Rusutsu with ease. Comparing it to my Korua Dart 156 you can it's going to be unsinkable.
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I was just thinking about making contribution to economic cash flow but I guess I can just save up lolol
Bruising starting to come up now, painful and uncomfortable to ride with. On day 1 of all days.

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Are you showing us your butt that took the hit recently ? Lewd… 🙈
Day 4 on new boots, already massive heel lift on my back foot. You know I tried on 6 pairs and this was by far the best fit but its shit already (boot fitter assisted at Snowbiz btw). Almost like I need a shin pad or something also as its pretty much on max already as you can see by the picture. Left one is fine but obviously doesn't work as hard. No boot fitter anywhere near Shiga Kogan or Madarao where I am going next. Might try an extra pair of thick socks over the top and if that doesn't work maybe put something under the heel. Had so many pairs of snowboard boots and never had this happen so quickly. Sometimes when you live 1000 klms away from the snow you don't get the chance to try dozens of shoes. Apart from that, plenty of powder and few to share it with so can't complain
I think there's a boot fitting shop in akakura onsen, joey's custom bootfitting. there is a bus that travel between madaraokogen and akakura onsen.

which 32 is this? was thinking of retiring my ride lasso and trying out 32. last time i tried in the shop, the heel hold felt good, that was 5 years ago. i remember they had a strap going across the lining. kinda drawn in to that atm, i feel like there is too much "give" on the top of my boot/inner lining, despite cranking up. it could just be it's old, worn out and softer now
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does anyone here use a camelbak or other backpack with reservoir in japan?
Im from aus and i use a normal camelbak but it doesnt get cold enough to freeze.

im guessing a normal one would freeze in japan niseko snow?
Yea, I get very thirsty when snowboarding, easily 1.5 per day or more on a full day ride without including vending machine drinks.
the normal one is doable , just blow back. And quickly close the valve at the mouth piece.
I bought the insulated hose accessory for this trip. A bit of a mixed review. It doesn’t have a valve flip.
Still freezes a bit in hokkaido but you can kinda melt it as you crunch and suck the water.
I guess that’s why YT boarders from Canada just uses water bottle, hmm…
Will I recommend it for Japan ? Not sure
Will I stop using it for my future Japan trip? Probably not. It’s still handy for this thirsty camel.
On way to niseko and forgot to bring my walkie talkies although apparently foreign ones aren’t allowed anyway?
Anyone know where I could buy one in the niseko area?
Also is Fatmap the best app to use for backcountry routes etc?
If it’s higher power 簡易 (kan-i) 1-5w I would just rent if I were you. Under 1w yea you can just buy.
Technically it’s illegal to use foreign walkie talkies or unregistered local walkie talkies, with severe penalties. It takes 10-14 days for paper work to process , and you’ll need to be able to read and write in Japanese…
There are shops around who rents them or maybe ask the local tour group if you could borrow/rent them. Some of the lodges also do back country tour, maybe you’re residing in one

I’ve bought a couple of Japanese ones this trip, so I can tell you the hassle is annoying. I come here every year, so I don’t mind buying and registering.
Plenty local guys just use cheap short range walkie talkies , don’t need registration for those. big major electronics retailer may stock those eg yodobasbi camera, big camera etc

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Did you mean Bic Camera?
Yes, but there are plenty of other retailers too. You can copy paste this into the search bar if it helps, 無線機. It means wireless device, so you’ll get a mix of walkie talkie and other wireless device in search result. The transmission wattage should be obvious even if you can’t read Japanese 、like 10mW or something.
Those big retailers tend to have English speakers too, at least in major tourist spots. You can also ask for tax free price, 免税、if you bring your passport to the shop.
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Yeah, not the best place to get into the hospital. I’ve heard locals saying even pregnant women are not allowed epidural for labour. they just have to bear with it lol

What a terrible way to end an epic trip, but now it’s surely a trip you will never forget!
Hopefully you had people with you to help with packing and luggage all the way home.

all the best in your surgery and rehab!
You’ll probably have to skip Aussie winter snowboarding but I’m sure you’ll make it to 2024 japow ! @JDA
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What a nightmare, I feel for you mate and hope it gets better soon. Maybe you can do some swimming? Yes, I also found out the hard way they don't give pain medication and are quite happy to manipulate something that is seriously torn. A tip, as this is what got me through. You will be given maybe Endone or something for your operations. If you don't need it don't take it (addictive) BUT hang onto it. So many years old but I had it with me in Japan thank god when I needed it the first night and will always travel with it, just in case. Shit really does happen, and it's never when you think.
Pretty risky bringing endone to a strict Asian country. If you didn’t have a permit then you’ve been lucky but if they happen to do a spot check…

Does your prescription involve narcotics?
If your prescription medication involves the use of narcotics (eg morphine, codeine, oxycodone, pethidine, hydrocodone), you must seek advance permission from one of Japan’s eight Regional Bureaus of Health and Welfare.

You will need to submit an import application form as well as supporting documentation at least 14 days before traveling to Japan.

Many common medications and over-the-counter drugs in the United States are illegal in Japan. It does not matter if you have a valid U.S. prescription for a medicine/drug which is illegal in Japan: if you bring it with you, you risk arrest and detention by the Japanese authorities

You’ll also need a doctor’s letter to support you bringing them in. Not sure bringing endone “just in case I might need it” will make the cut… sorry to be the party pooper…
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Wow did not know that. I usually keep it in the box it came in with my details but this time just took the packet. Odds would be ridiculously low as I have done this all over the world for a very long time but it’s a possibility by the looks of it. Maybe I have just been lucky
It’s japan, they love regulations and paperwork, especially hand written paperwork lol. Can you believe it, 2023 and I still have to send paper mail in Japan lol.

you probably won’t get hanged for this but it would suck if your passport gets flagged for future trips or your trip/ travel crew got delayed by a few days because of this.
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soon, you’ll be able to run in slow motion too.
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Curious question, the accident happened in Japan but surgery in australia. Were you able to use travel insurance to get surgery done privately ? (Either private in public or private hospital )
or does it only apply to treatments only done overseas?
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