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jay peak and/or tremblant

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hey - I just wante to grab some input on jay peak and/or tremblant from anyone that's been to either or both. I'm planning a trip next year in early January and wanted to know if anyone's been to these two places around then and how was it? obviously it's gonna depend on the weather, but generally speaking how many trials are open by mid January?

also, just by looking at jays website, it looks like you can only purchase ski and stay packages, but is there any way to just grab a room? there also doesn't look like there are many hotel options close by either. any pointers would be great!
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I've been to both multiple times, and I prefer Jay by far... Best glades in the east, better snow, laid back vibe, less french Canadians (sorry Quebecois but you don't rub the rest of Canada the right way!).

The ski and stay deals are pretty good, but especially since you're booking early I'd call them and try to bargain.
Depends on what you are looking for. Here are some random thoughts for you. I go to Tremblant regularly and have been to Jay 3 times.

Jay is in the middle of of the bush gets tons of snow and has no nightlife.

Tremblant has hundreds of different places to stay, the best nightlife in the East and is bigger.

Both places will have close to 100% of their runs open in January.

If you are going with friends that ride once in a while and are not that into riding I would go to Tremblant. If this trip is only about snowboarding and you don't care about night life go to Jay Peak.

Couple other things of note.

Jay has pretty much no base area to speak of. A hotel and a couple condos and thats it.

They just opened up their indoor water park last year. This is pretty cool and in addition to water slides has a fake wave machine to surf/body board. I only hit it up in April last year and had no wait times but I would assume that in season the wait for the fake wave would be pretty long. The attached hotel is very nice.

Jay Peak has the best glades and you will find many stashes of untracked pow.

Jay gets windy and expect the Tram to close once in a while.

If you go to Jay, you may want to look at hitting up other decent resorts while you are there.

Stowe is 1 hour away
Sutton, a mini family version of Jay is 35min away and also has nice glades
Owls Head, nice groomers is 35min away

Tremblant is pretty big, and can get very cold due to how North it is.
It was developed by Intrawest (same people that did Whistler) and can be packed full of tourist.

Tremblant has a very large base mountain village with many condo/hotels plus pretty near the village of St-Jovite and has thousands of condos spread out near the the mountain. They also just opened up a casino on the soleil side of the mountain.

Both areas can get icy but Jay gets more snow.

I would say that Tremblant is 60/40 french to english and Jay Peak is 75/25 English French. When I went to Jay Peak I met a lot of Quebecers.

Jay has more of a small village kinda of feel where you can talk to the locals and feel like a snow bum chassing the sweet pow.

Tremblant feels like a ski resort theme park and you wonder if there are any locals since everybody looks like a tourist (and probably are). If you or your friends have any intentions of meeting ladies and getting to know them your chances are about 500% better in Tremblant.

So I hope my random thoughts helped a bit. Let me know if you have any questions and I will see if I can help.
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Thanks for the awesome write up Baigle. I guess I should have clarified a little bit in my original post. For now, it's going to be just me and one friend; looking to get one or two more. But for the both of us, I would say he's a pretty good rider and I'm a progressing intermediate. We generally stay on blues and blacks; he kills it all the way down and I wash out every now and then on blacks. I've been out to CO a couple of times and seen fresh snow, and have also been to a few resorts around the east coast. For me, I'm looking for something challenging as far as the mountain goes. I generally stay out of the park except for maybe a lap or two. We're planning to make this a 4 or 5 day trip so something in the sense of a nightlife would be nice. I think right now, we might try to do a day or two at Jay and then head up to Tremblant for the rest of the trip.
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